Fr. Bellafiore, S.J., on Renewal

Fr. Michael Bellafiore is a fine younger Jesuit we knew in Washington; I see he is now at the University of Scranton.  He has recently published — in the Washington Post, of all places– an excellent piece on revitalizing the Church.

What I think is most important about this piece is its theological and evangelical depth.  Revitalization is not about neat programs, personal excitement, and merely human “commitment.”  It is about rediscovering the radicalism of the Gospel, the power of Jesus in the sacraments, and the intense sanctity to which we are called by our Baptism.
Thus I especially like his following points:
1. We must all take personal responsibility for evangelization.
2. Priests need to be in the confessional, a lot, making available the grace of Jesus.
3. Catechesis, the nourishment of our divine faith, is a big deal, and needs to be treated that way.
6. We need to be praying, in the streets, where it is most needed, without fear.
9. Radical forgiveness.
4, 5, and 7. Catholic teaching, including both sexual and social teaching, and the great gift of the truly evangelical Catholic University, is a wonderful gift, to be celebrated, not hidden under a bushel basket.
You can read his whole piece here.


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